What's it About

Recognising that the hopes and dreams of the "Rainbow Nation" have been deferred, the founders of the NNM have established this platform to bring together those who are still dreamers; those who hope for a better future because we know that the potential of our people has not yet been fully realised, and that the bounty of our land and its resources has no limits.

It is a platform for all South Africans from which to collaborate and work together for change; to restore our hope in the promise of a prosperous, shared future, and to find lasting solutions to the problems that threaten to tear our nation apart.

It is about seizing opportunities now and working together for change. It's about overcoming the limitations of the past and creating a new future that is both prosperous and secure – for everyone.


This platform is for all who desire to see South Africa become a truly great nation and a significant player in fulfilling the destiny of Africa.

"Let us give practical recognition to the injustices of the past, by building a future based on equality and social justice."

- Madiba